Swimming Pool Equipment – On Pool Slides

pool equipment repairSwimming pool enhancements are now a thing to consider on backyard city pools.  One of the most prominent pool enhancers are the swimming pool slides that provide added fun and excitement to swimming pool experience.  The pool slides today are designed for adults and children of all ages and are made with safety, innovative features and fun in mind.  All the slides are designed to be scratch proof resistant, fade resistant, and are vacuum-formed for strength and durability.

If you are tired of seeing the same old straight down pool slides, well with the G-Force, sliding fun has just taken a 360 degree turn.  The G-Force slide lets you have water park fun right at your own backyard.  Measuring a full 6 feet tall at the seating area, this innovative slide winds you a full spiraling 360 degree circle before splashing into the pool.  This patented ‘Zoom Flume” splashes up to 35 gallons of water per hour down the slide to ensure slip-sliding action.  G-Force’s steps are built for safety with an extra deep non-skid design.  Extra high sidewalls provide added protection.   The G-Force boast rugged, high quality construction throughout, with an impact resistant body that is extremely strong and durable.  The slide comes complete with plumbing for connecting to your pump/filter system, hardware kit, and deck anchors.  It is available in summit gray, weighs 250 pounds and has a three year warranty.  This is the hottest slide around this season.

Another model is the X-Stream 2 turn pool slide.  This big slide puts water p[ark excitement in your backyard too.  This big 6 feet 6 inches slide with double corves will ensure your family has a blast this season.  The patented “Zoom Flume” slashes up 35 gallons of water per hour of water down the slide to create slippery heart-pounding excitement on your way down the slide.  The X-Stream is also built for safety with 5 large non-skid steps and high sidewalls for added protection.  The X-Stream slide boasts rugged high quality throughout with a durable resin body that can be easily configured in either a lift or right curve.  The slides come complete with plumbing and hardware kit and deck anchors.   This is available in gray only.  It is backed by a three year warranty.

Another model is the Aqua Blast Pool slide that guarantees fun like the water parks offer.  The Aqua Blast is 4 feet 6 inches high and has an enclosed safety ladder.  The water delivery system gives you a generous 20 gallons of water per minutes.  Everyone pops out of the water grinning from ear to ear after a trip down the Aqua Blast pool slide.  These slides are designed for adults and children of all ages.  Because they’ll be too popular with your guest, the manufacturers make sure that they are scratch resistant, fade resistant, and vacuum-formed for strength and durability.  It is available in either left or right curves.

Installing these pool enhancements in your backyard pool can surely provide added fun and excitement to everyone’s pool experience.  Bring these enhancements to your backyard pool today.